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Common Questions

Frequently asked questions

Q: How big will my puppy get?

A: At The Doodle grove we breed Medium/Miniature and Micro (Toy) Miniature Goldendoodles and Aussiedoodles.

Genetics play an important role in every puppy.  All of our parents are DNA health tested.  With these tests we are able to gather information and genetic percentages to best determine pairs and sizing.  With that being said we can never guarantee the size of our Doodle Grove puppies.  What we can do is estimate the size based on our data and make a great estimation. When labeling our litters we stay within the guidelines on our goldendoodle sizing chart. 

Q: How can I get on the waiting list?

A: We start our Puppy pick waitlist after confirmation of pregnancy.   We will always have our planned litters listed under { planned litters }.  Anyone interested in our planned litters should submit an application.  We will contact you via Text or Call upon confirmation of pregnancy.  



Q: What happens after I submit an application?

A: We wait! Once your application is submitted you will hear from me when we have confirmed pregnancy. I will contact you in order of the applications received and  assign a pick number at this time and your deposit will be due this is called a LITTER PICK DEPOSIT. This deposit is not required but available to those that would like to lock in their pick.   Approximately 30 days from confirmation the puppies will be born. 

Q: What if I want to wait to place my deposit until the puppies are born?

A: If there are more puppies than Deposits we will list those puppies as Available and they are open for reservation. 

Q: What if you don't have the gender or color I am interested in?

A: If we do not have the gender you are interested in we can transfer your pick deposit to a future litter up to 2 litters. 

Q: Are your Deposits refundable?

A: Deposit are nonrefundable but transferable up to 2 litters of equal value. 

Mini = Mini transfers

Toy/ Micro= Toy/ Micro transfer

Q: When is puppy pick?

A: When the puppies turn 4 weeks.  I will pick a date close to their 4 week birthday.  You have until 5PM to submit your picks in order. 

Q: Can we see our puppy in person?

A:  Yes,

We will have a weekend for local families to visit. For those out of state we are able to schedule FaceTime calls and we have a strong social media presence with a daily live scheduled Weekdays until 4 week. After 4 weeks we do lives once a week. 

Q: Do you have a health guarantee?

A: Yes, We breed with only the future integrity of the breed in mind our puppies come from health tested parents and as we are able to study these genetics we are able to learn more and more about these breeds. We have a one year health promise.  All of our Doodle Grove Puppies are examined by our licensed Vet before coming home.  They are cleared for intestinal parasites, umbilical cord hernias, improper bites and more.  We promise that your dog comes from health genetically tested parents.  If your puppy is diagnosed with a genetic life threatening birth defect a health guarantee form will need to be submitted and every case will be reviewed.  


Q: When is my full puppy payment due?

A: The day you pick up your puppy. 

Q: What age is my puppy at pick-up?

A: 8 weeks old

Q: What payment methods do you take?

A: We take Zelle, Venmo, Cash App, Good dog and cash as payment for deposits.  

Zelle & Cash only for final payment

Q: What training will my puppy come home with?

A: None. Your puppy will only be 8 weeks at the time of pick up.  We have an enrichment environment that all of our puppies are evaluated and worked with in. All Doodle Grove puppies are familiarized with pellet and turf potty training, doggy door training and crate training as well socialization but this is only an introduction.  We encourage every puppy to have proper training.  Not only to better the puppies life but yours as well.   We offer training resources with a discount such as: 

TDG25l (1).png

Appointments to make

Wellness Check 

1st round of shots 

Puppy groom 

repeat every 6-8wks



Activating your insurance 

Trupanion Pet insurance 



Lifetime training 


Baxter & Bella has an online training program that you get for life.

They even give you live one-on-one calls with the trainers at no additional fee!

This program offers so much, like live-classes, videos, podcasts and even a Facebook

group that you can be a part of. Join others going through training, too.

So, how do you do that? Visit and use

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that you are giving your pup and your family the relationship you desire for a lifetime of fun,

excitement and happiness!

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